Wedding season is in full swing and so many wondrous things are coming
together to make each union beautiful. However, with all of the lovely
unions that are coming together, there is one pair that manages to not
only stand out, but shares it’s love with everyone. What makes this union
even better is that it’s something that YOU can EAT and it’s SWEET!!! To
top off this almost perfect union is the fact that it is actually healthy
for you. Ok now – it’s officially perfect. You’re probably questioning
right now, “Well what is this perfect pair?” It’s none other than
Quinoa+Sugar coming together to create THE MOST decadent sweets you will
ever taste…EVER!  With healthy treats being in such high demand, finally
Quinoa+Sugar have come to our rescue in a world where a healthy sweet
treat usually equals The Triple D – Disaster, Disgusting, and

Quinoa, most officially known as the wonder seed is on the rise in the
health world and we are lucky enough to not only bear witness to it, but
to EAT it too. Yummm!  And what’s really better than eating something
wonderful? As far as sugar goes, most of us love it already, or dare I say
that we love to hate it!  When Quinoa+Sugar come together it is clear that
they are meant to be.  Quinoa+Sugar have come together and have vowed to
steal our hearts AND our stomachs for years to come.

Author, Sharon Downing is a leading expert on baking and cooking with quinoa. Sharon and her husband Duncan are the owners of Quinoa Esta Bakery located in Phoenix, Arizona. Quinoa Esta creates and sells bake goods made from 100% quinoa flour and are gluten free. For comments or questions, Sharon may be contacted at or at (623) 231-6267.
©Copyright June 16, 2014. Sharon M. Downing. All rights reserved.