Why Quinoa Is The Perfect Companion For Baking

Quinoa is the always-forgiving partner in my bakery. Quinoa is a gluten free seed that I use to mill flour for baking. You know what that means? That means tons of nutrition, light and fluffy baked goods, and you will never have to worry about over mixing your batter or over working your dough. The reason being is that baking with quinoa flour is nothing like baking with flours that contain gluten. When gluten is at the party, the more you mix and knead the more gluten develops, and the more gluten develops, the tougher your baked treats can become. Take heed to those warning labels on the back of packages cautioning you not to over mix your batter or over-knead your dough.

Quinoa is a nutritious powerhouse and everyone knows it. Even Forbes is talking about it. The place you usually go to get the latest on finances and business is raving about the benefits of Quinoa, and they’re not the only one. The United Nations named 2013 the year of the quinoa. Quinoa’s benefits reach far beyond baking. It is a great addition to your morning cereal, salads, and is a beautiful thickening agent for gravies and quiches. Quick Tip – Next time you’re roasting nuts, sprinkle on a little quinoa flour first and you’ll be pleasantly surprised 🙂

The earthy flavor of quinoa pairs perfectly with many flavors and ingredients. One of my personal favorites is the pairing of quinoa with citrus. The Lemon Drop Cake at the bakery is a testimonial within itself. It’s deliciously sweet, buttery and full of quinoa. Of course another great pairing is quinoa and chocolate, but then again what doesn’t pair well with chocolate? One of the best ways to increase your daily protein and eliminate gluten in your diet is by updating old family recipes with quinoa flour as a substitute for flours that contain gluten.

Remember the gluten free nature of quinoa we discussed before? The lack of gluten makes it easier than ever to freeze your quinoa creations. You don’t have to worry about gluten toughening up your frozen treats. You can cook up a batch of pancakes or waffles, freeze them, reheat them, and they’ll be as moist as ever.

Quinoa is healthy, forgiving, convenient, and it tastes good. Quinoa is here and is the perfect companion for your baking and cooking adventures.

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